Topic: SimpleViewer Album doesn't fit the whole browser window


what can I do, that the SimpleViewer Gallery is shown in the whole height of the window?

There I have defined an action with a window of 800x600 px and in this windows the index.php of the SimpleViewer is opening.

So far, so good. The content is shown centered in this 800x600px-window.


if you click on the album mentioned in this window, the album is shown only in the top of the window, and not in the whole window.

I don't know, why, because I have remained the files nearly as I have downloaded them.

The code of the imageDate.xml of this album is:

<SIMPLEVIEWER_DATA imagePath="./fotoART/images/" thumbPath="./fotoART/thumbs/" maxImageDimension="2000" textColor="0xDDDDDD" frameColor="0xffffff" backgroundColor="0x000000" frameWidth="10" stagePadding="40" thumbnailColumns="3" thumbnailRows="3" navPosition="left" navDirection="LTR" isPublished="true" title="fotoART">

I have a maxImageDimension of 2000 - but it doesn't help!

Has anybody an idea, what to do, so that the album is shown 100% of the  window's height and width?

EDIT: now I've discovered, that this problem is only in Firefox, but in I.E. is everything fine. But what can I do, so that the gallery is also in Firefox shown in the whole window height?

Thanks, Chris

Re: SimpleViewer Album doesn't fit the whole browser window

Hi Chris,You must have fixed this, as I getting full imgages in FF and IE.
Upgrading to v 1.8 is recommended


in order to better assist you, please provide a url, relevant code and details about your problem.

Re: SimpleViewer Album doesn't fit the whole browser window

Yes, it works by using PORTA for making albums, so I have fixed it.
But I would prefer to use the SimpleViewerAdmin, and this one only works good with the SimpleViewer 1.7 - and then I have the problems with firefox!

Would be great, if SimpleViewerAdmin would be updated  :twisted: