Topic: "Add SimpleViewer gallery" Internal server error

When I pres the button "Add Simpleviewer galler" I receive Internal server error.

From my website error log:
[Mon Nov 21 09:59:14 2011] [error] [client ...] Premature end of script headers: config.php, referer:
[Mon Nov 21 09:59:14 2011] [error] [client ...] suexec policy violation: see suexec log for more details, referer:

Wordpress 3.2.1
Plugin 2.2.0
Pro 2.2.0
Folder permission 770

Thks for the help.

Re: "Add SimpleViewer gallery" Internal server error

suexec policy violation

Having done a web search for this term, certain sources suggest that changing your folder permissions to 755 might solve the problem. I do not know if this will suppress the error or if WP-SimpleViewer will function (the 'wp-content/uploads/' folder should be 777 as documented here) but it might be worth a try.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team