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i am using iphoto export to generate galleries and then tweak the xml and html files and convert the gallery to SV 1.8
the only thing is that the index file html generated by iphoto export is very different and people with IE for win can't see the gallery...


Re: html by iphoto export


nice pictures!

The width of the swf is not showing as 100% in IE. To fix this, add


to the td tag enclosing the object tag.

- Felix

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: html by iphoto export

thanks for the help -
i got a good feedback from the slideshows with simpleviewer.

i just wonder why the html generated by iphoto export is so different.
i would like to have room on top for a menu bar but I have some problems -
need to figure out all the CSS.

i tried to copy yr html but the gallery won't show up.
it would be so much easier to use the code you use - but pardon my ignorance - it could be something obvious that i am missing -but

which i'd rather use instead of

i would appreciate some help

Re: html by iphoto export

i figured it out -
iphoto export creates files with a different name. now I will just use it to generate the <image> tags - the tedious part of the xml file .

just wondering if it would be possible to have the swf image closer to the top without changing the left padding -
finally now i am figuring it out!