Topic: Cant find and *.fla?!

i want to customize my gallery. i searched the forum but it hasn't solved my problem yet.  i can't find this path "\source\com\airtightinteractive\apps\viewers\SimpleViewer\" in my simpleviwer pro folder :-/ my version is: 2.1.3

i still have the original downloaded file but in this zip file there are only the folders: "examples", "web", "readme.html" and  "svBuilder-Pro.air".

can please somebody help me how i can find the .as files and .fla files?

greetz juli

Re: Cant find and *.fla?!

SimpleViewer-Pro v2.x does not include the ActionScript or JavaScript Source code. All configuration options are now configurable via XML: … tions.html
Please see this FAQ for details: … #presale_3
The documentation you quoted refers to SimpleViewer v1.x.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team