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Topic: WP Simpleviewer Pro not updating xml file

EDIT - appears to be fixed, not sure how, but please ignore this post for now.

Hi, Im using SVP (WP-SimpleViewer 2.2.0). I just updated the WP Simpleviewer yesterday, but that took me back to "un Pro" version. I then uploaded the svcore folder to make it Pro again. Probably not a good idea, should have checked it wouldnt break the new version of WP Simpleviewer.

Problem now is, I can add new images to Media, attach them to correct page, but they are not showing up in the gallery. Yes I have cleared cache, yes permissions 777. I have downloaded the 1.XML file and the new images are not in there. Yes I can add them manually, but my client wont be able to do that. Can you suggest what might be the problem please?

I disabled all plugins (only TinyMCE advanced and Simpleviewer), no improvement.

URL removed - working now

The gallery xml is in the wp-content/uploads/ folder - is that where it should be? I was expecting to find it in the plugins folder, but not there.

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***** I downloaded the xml file after uploading the new images, updating the page, updating the gallery - new images not listed in the xml file.
20 minutes later the images are showing up so I download the xml file again and the images are now in the xml file?
Is that a cache on the server? Ive never known that to happen before?