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I need some assistance. For some reason, the images, when viewed within SimpleViewer, come out slightly blurry. I'm going to link a photo to help explain the issue. … 8a15_o.jpg

From left to right: Photoshop, Windows Live Photo Gallery, SimpleViewer (using Chrome)

The sharpness suffers when in SimpleViewer. The image is straight out of Photoshop. I'm pretty sure I don't have SimpleViewer re-sizing the photo when it displays it.

Anyone have any ideas? Thanks in advance!!!


Re: Image quality

Using default settings, SimpleViewer will dynamically resize the main images depending on the size of the browser window.
You can prevent this from happening by using a Fixed Layout and specifying the imageAreaWidth and imageAreaHeight (making sure they match the dimensions of the main images themselves) taking into account the frameWidth.
Also, set imageScaleMode="NONE" to ensure that SimpleViewer does not scale any main images.
The default value for imageSmoothing is 'TRUE' so you may also like to try setting this to 'FALSE'.
Finally, you could try changing the Flash Parameter 'quality' to 'best' in your embedding code as follows:

<script type="text/javascript" src="svcore/js/simpleviewer.js"></script>
<script type="text/javascript">
var params={};
simpleviewer.ready(function () {
    simpleviewer.load('sv-container', '100%', '100%', '222222', true, null, params);
<div id="sv-container"></div>

Possible value for the Flash Parameter 'quality' can be found on this page:

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team

Re: Image quality

Hi Steven,

First off, thanks for the quick reply!  :D

I first tried changing the quality parameter. No change. I then changed imageSmoothing to  false and that solved the issue. The difference is like night and day! Thanks very much for your help!!!