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How can I make the Caption text have a centered alignment in the text field? I don't see any alignment options in any of the .as files and messing with the text field's alignment in the .fla doesn't work either.

Please help.


Re: Caption - text alignment

Since the caption text uses HTML formatting, the alignment settings on the textField are ignored. To center the caption text, you can use a center align HTML tag in your caption as here:

<caption><!&#91;CDATA&#91;<p align='center'>Centered Text</p>&#93;&#93;></caption>

Check the FAQ, Q14 for further HTML formatting options: … r/faq.html

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: Caption - text alignment

hi there,

i am right now working on the same thing: i want the caption to be centered
in the caption-area (below the picture).

i read the information in the faq and visited the suggested link at the adobe-website.

now i changed the xml like this:

    <caption><![CDATA[<p align="center">Aquarellzeichnung auf Schöpfpapier 30x40]]></caption>   

now i saw your example in this post. its nearly the same but the <p>-tag is closed after the text. is it obligatory to have the <p>-tag closed after the text? or doesnt it make any difference? (dreamweaver wants to close the <caption> allways at that position, if i begin to write the "/" and thats a little bit annoying...)

another point is that i would like to set the caption directly under the picture. as there are different picture formats the space between pic and caption is different from pic to pic. i didnt found a solution - the caption would have to be shown in the image-area and that seems to be impossible.
the only possibility seems to be including the text in the pic - but thats not  a very nice one...  does anybody have an idea?



Re: Caption - text alignment

you can change the caption location in  in

yes, tags need to be closed


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