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Topic: how to fix my captions

Hi all, I've been a SimpleViewer user for years. I think I started using it in like 2008. Anyways today I decided to upgrade from 1.9 pro up to 2.2, and I am having a problem figuring out how to edit my captions. Currently they are showing up like this, http://designedbreakdown.com/essays/borscht/index.html  with a dark gray bar behind them, and I can't figure out how to fix this. Any ideas? Also how would I go about changing the font and color of the caption? Thanks!

Re: how to fix my captions

....you know what, i'm dumb and i just figured out how to fix it myself using this site. so i apologize. thanks anyway!

Re: how to fix my captions

I'm glad you have solved your problem. Thank you for posting back to let us know.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team