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Topic: WordPress plugin + SV Pro Other Image Source

Help... Not sure what I'm doing wrong.

Have used SV Pro for years, but am now trying to use it with wp-SimpleViewer plugin.
This means I'm trying to shift slideshows that are currently embedded to use the plugin instead to create greater ease for my client managing the plugin.

Have added this to short code and to Pro options and it is not working:

See working page here using embed:

See broken page here using plugin:

I want to use neither Flickr nor the WP library for image sourcing on slideshows. Why?
Two reasons:

  • each image needs to link to a specific URL that is not the image itself, but rather a custom link

  • there will be OTHER images on the page that should not show in the slide show. If I use the WP Library option, it pulls ever image attached to that page, which is not helpful.

SO, am I asking it to do too much or do I have something set up incorrectly?

Any clues are welcome. Thanks, Rosie

Re: WordPress plugin + SV Pro Other Image Source

SO, am I asking it to do too much

Yes. WP-SimpleViewer was not designed with the ability for users to inject flashvars (such as galleryURL) into the gallery's embedding code. If you want to use neither Flickr nor the WordPress Media Library as the source of images, then WP-SimpleViewer would not be suitable.
Your best course of action might be to:
(1) Create your galleries with svBuilder-Pro
(2) Upload the complete gallery folders to your web space via FTP
(3) Embed the galleries in posts using one of the two methods described here: http://simpleviewer.net/simpleviewer/su … l#external

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team

Re: WordPress plugin + SV Pro Other Image Source

Thanks Steven. The current sliders were built with svBuilder-Pro and now need to see if the client wants to keep doing that or switch to a different slider that gives them the control they want in WP.