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I've searched a number of posts on the forum which reference caption positioning, but none are clear enough that I understand, so I wanted to see if I could get some insight here.

WHAT I'M TRYING TO DO:  Essentially, I want to have the slideshow with thumbnails underneath, yet take the caption and place it in a WordPress sidebar (outside of the slideshow itself) (very similar to the Pro "Forest" theme)...this could even work if I can position the caption itself relative to the slideshow in full width...but I do want to embed the show in the theme itself, rather than going full screen standalone.

I've read quite a bit about the Pro Version and X/Y positioning...would this accomplish what I want to do, or just position the caption text within the show itself...I'm looking for it almost as a separate floating block...again, very similar to the Forest theme...probably without the background transparency.

Hoping someone can clarify whether the caption text can actually be moved that it can be placed wherever specified on the page.  Assuming this can't be done with the WP plugin, but possibly the pro version?

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There seems to be a lot of information that might be relevant to your query so please bear with me here...

The default galleryStyle for a WP-SimpleViewer is 'COMPACT' which places the captions in an overlay on top of the main image.
Try setting galleryStyle="MODERN" and you will notice that the captions are no longer on top of the main image but underneath the thumbnails.

In the 'FOREST' Pro Demo Gallery, the captions are positioned by setting the option captionPosition="RIGHT".
Please see the 'Caption Options' section of the SimpleViewer-Pro Config Options page for all caption options: … ml#caption

If you wish greater control over the size and position of the caption area than the preconfigured options give, you could use a Fixed Layout which would allow you to position the caption area relative to the top left corner of the stage using captionX and captionY. The size of the caption area would be positioned using captionWidth and captionHeight .
The 'Fixed Layout' options can be found here: … html#fixed

You may also wish to set floatCaption="FALSE" in order for the captionHeight to be counted in stage layouts (otherwise, captions may spill off the edge of the browser window if it is not large enough).

Essentially, I want to have the slideshow with thumbnails underneath, yet take the caption and place it in a WordPress sidebar (outside of the slideshow itself) (very similar to the Pro "Forest" theme)

In the 'FOREST' Pro Demo Gallery, the captions are still within the gallery itself (though not overlaid on top of the main image). In order to use the captions elsewhere on a page, you would need to use the SimpleViewer-Pro API: … t/api.html
You could get the caption from the currently displayed image using the getImageInfo( index: int ) method and then display it elsewhere on your page using JavaScript.

In order to use Pro Options within WP-SimpleViewer:
(1) Upgrade WP-SimpleViewer from SimpleViewer-Standard to SimpleViewer-Pro following these instructions: … iewer/#pro
(2) Enter Pro Options into the 'Pro Options' text area in the form floatCaption="FALSE"

The 'SimpleViewer-Pro Layout Guide' may also come in useful: … guide.html

Steven Speirs
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Re: Captions Positioning

Thanks for replying so quickly Steven...

It sounds like the easiest thing to do might be to go the X/Y direction...if I understand correctly, I can just drop the gallery in a full width and adjust it from the left side over to the right as far as I need...and I would then have the displayed photo, some space in between and then the caption area...that seems the simple route anyways if I'm understanding correctly...

Not sure I'm going to be proficient enough to implement the JavaScript API...I actually don't technically need it separated from the I don't require anything but space between the right side of the photo and the caption thinking the X/Y sounds like it will work...hoping so...although I get how the scaling is effected, so maybe I can live with the Caption right...I think it will make more sense once I upgrade it to Pro and get messing with it...just wanted to make sure getting close to what I'm looking for is actually possible...

Thanks again for taking time to respond!

Re: Captions Positioning

I think it will make more sense once I upgrade it to Pro and get messing with it

I'm sure it will. From what you have been saying, I'm fairly confident that you will be able to achieve the layout you desire.
If you run into any trouble, just post a query in the forum and we'll try to help you out.
Also, bear in mind that SimpleViewer-Pro comes with a money back guarantee:

If for any reason SimpleViewer-Pro does not meet your requirements, please email us within 14 days of your order and we'll try to resolve any issues. If we are not able to resolve your issues, we will give you a 100% refund.

Steven Speirs
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Re: Captions Positioning


It worked really well with WordPress 3.3 using the position right...I'm still messing with the look of the caption area...I tried setting it up on fixed which looked setup just right on browser, but the thumbnails didn't show up when I checked it with the Android and iPhone emulator...I think I can change the caption background color and text color with the options, but I haven't gotten to that yet.

The thing I can't figure out is the transition...I wanted to try the crossfade and slide, but when I enter them, I don't get's always the same base transition addition to the sizing and modern styling via the panel, I'm using:


Can you give me some guidance as to why the transition effects wouldn't be showing up?

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Re: Captions Positioning

Actually, it seems OK now...I think it was a browser cache issue for the transition...