Topic: html version without the thumb grid

I am using the autoviewer for e few years but as alot of others I had the iphone/ipad problem. So i have  now a javascript running to determine if there is is flash or not.
yes the visitor see the autoviewer.
No I have now the simpleviewer with html5 in use (a free version).
So far so great. My compliments for the great viewers.

What I dont want is the thumbnail grid (I hope you now what I mean). I want the viewer directly in the fullscreen viewer.
Is there a way of doing this? Please tell me if I am stupid if its in the documents somewhere.....

See for my website

regards Peter

Re: html version without the thumb grid

It is possible to disable the thumbnails and start a gallery by displaying the first image in SimpleViewer-Pro (not the free version) by setting mobileShowThumbs="FALSE" in your gallery's XML file: … tml#mobile
Additionally, you could initially display any image in your gallery by using the firstImageIndex Pro Option: … ml#general

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team