Topic: TiltViewer collapsing when upload to server


I was hoping, I could get some sage advice in regards to the tiltviewer. I have it working when I 'Preview in Browser' from Dreamweaver. I thought everything was working great, but when I uploaded it to my server, it collapses when the page has loaded.

I've loaded all my pages, files, scripts in one place on my server.. so its not scattered everywhere.

Here is the page itself  **DELETED**

I'm still learning HTML/CSS, so I'm not quite sure what to look for when something like this happens.

Thank you in advance smile

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Re: TiltViewer collapsing when upload to server

Your web server is case sensitive.
You have <photo> entries in your gallery's XML file such as:

<photo imageurl="images/263805_10150236408987312_621482311_7959485_6570673_n.JPG" showFlipButton="true">

However, the extensions for your images' filenames should be in lowercase (.jpg rather than .JPG).

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: TiltViewer collapsing when upload to server

Hi there,

You know I changed it all to JPG because I read it on another post that it worked for another person.

I changed it all to .jpg and it works great now.

Thank you for the quick reply! smile