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Hi Steven,

Thanks for all the help with leading me the right direction on customizing the galleries...the client is very happy with the way they ended up looking.

I had one question...just trying to better understand the update process...I'm using the WP version and SimpleViewer Pro and have figured out how to find the xml files in wp-content/uploads and make adjustments to exclude images that are in the WP gallery but we don't want to display.

What I don't fully understand is what action triggers a re-write of this xml file (if any)...we're going to be adding and subtracting images...I know if I add an entirely new gallery that everything is fine, but we want to maintain the existing there a way to update the xml file by following a sequence, so that the gallery number stays the same, yet reflects the changes made in the WP Media Gallery?

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Tom Ford

Re: Updating Galleries

Please see the section entitled 'To Edit Images' in 'Editing a Gallery' on the WP-SimpleViewer Wordpress Plugin page: … ewer/#edit
The XML file will be updated when you click the 'Update Post' button.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team

Re: Updating Galleries

I am having a problem along these lines where the .xml file isn't being updated when I click Update Post.

It only updates when I go back to the Simpleviewer gallery settings and simply click Update Gallery on that particular gallery I'm working on.

This is quite a work around to have to update 2 separate galleries in 2 separate sections just to update a gallery ;)

Is there something I should try to enable the simple Update Post to update the whole gallery? I am using the latest Simpleviewer version.

Re: Updating Galleries


I have tried unsuccessfully to replicate the problem you are describing using the following steps. It works OK in my WordPress installation.

(1) Create a Media Library sourced SimpleViewer gallery with a single image.
(2) Publish the post.
(3) Go to the Media Library and upload and attach a new image to the post.
(4) 'Edit' and 'Update' the post.
(5) The XML file is updated correctly with the new <image> tag and the corresponding image displays in the gallery (after clearing the browser's cache).

The <image> tags in the XML file should be fully rebuilt by either updating the post or editing the gallery in the 'Manage Galleries' page.

If you can, please give me a step-by-step account of how I can replicate the problem so that I can investigate further.

Also, make sure that you are using the latest version of WP-SimpleViewer (v2.3.1) which can be downloaded from this web page.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team

Re: Updating Galleries

I do steps 1-4 and it works fine.
The gallery doesn't update, and I check the xml file and it hasn't updated.

If I go to Simpleview, Edit gallery and simply click update, this updates the xml file.

It is annoying having to go all the way through some other steps, and my client can't figure it out properly ;)

Re: Updating Galleries

Updating a post and editing a gallery both call the same function so the gallery's <image> tags should be updated by both actions.
You could try removing lines 514 - 530 inclusive in the 'wp-simpleviewer.php' file (in WP-SimpleViewer v2.3.1).
The plugin should function OK without this code though it is there to check permissions and prevent the gallery update function from being called more times than is necessary.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team