Topic: Trouble with Multiple Galleries

Hi Support ;)
My name is Igor, and I have some problem with SimpleViewer multiple galleries.

I can see my pictures with Firefox, but can't  see it with GChrome, IE... Can you help me? Why?

I would like have a gallery-page with a header, footer and left menu part.
I get a template … e/gallery1 end modifed it. (see source code of index.php)

left menu part is:

<div id="menu">

Suggest me please, what viewing method for my gallery I must use?
Help me please?

ps. I'm very sorry for my english..

thx :)

Re: Trouble with Multiple Galleries

As you have four divs on your page and the 'menu' (a central div vertically) is set to float: left; try wrapping the 'menu' and 'flashContent' divs in a parent div and set the dimensions for this wrapper div in the doLayout() function.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team