Topic: "Flickr Images Not Found"

Sorry all, but I have searched this topic, found lots of answers, tried them all, upgraded to Pro, tried them all again...and still get this rotten message.

Can someone tell me what I am doing wrong please

Flickr Username gone_phishin
Flicker ID 73411607@N07

Thanks heaps

Re: "Flickr Images Not Found"

Try the following:
1) Open svBuilder-Pro: … uilderpro/
2) Click 'New Gallery...'
3) Select 'Flickr' as the 'Image Source'
4) Type gone_phishin into the 'Flickr User Name' text field
5) Click 'Load Images'

The one and only image in your Flickr account should appear in svBuilder-Pro's interface and you should be able to customize and save the gallery. (I have tested this and it works on my PC.)

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team

Re: "Flickr Images Not Found"

Thanks Steve,

Sorry for being dumb but with a new Flickr account, and not reading things properly there, I'd set all Permissions to Private  :/  All better now

Great response time though!!