Topic: Thumnails cutting off (only when less than column num)...

I bought simpleviewer & customized it a bunch.  Works nicely except for two problems:

1. I set the thumb columns to 12.  When there are more than 12 pics, the thumbnails are perfectly placed and the nav arrow shows up.  When there are LESS than 12 pics, the thumbs look like they are getting cut off along the bottom.  (FYI - these thumbs are custom made, not generated by simpleviewer.)  What could be causing this?

pic here:

2. My rollover state for thumbnails seems to be VERY buggy.  In their "normal" state, the thumbs have a semi-transparent white box over them.  On "roll", this transparency fades out completely and then has an action to go back to the "normal" state.  Sometimes the thumb gets stuck midway through "roll", other times it never goes back to "normal."  Any ideas??

pic here:

Thanks all!

Re: Thumnails cutting off (only when less than column num)...

It loos like you are using SV v1.7. You might want to upgrade to SV-PRO v1.8. Check this thread for upgrade info: … php?t=1491

Regarding your errors, these seem to be caused by modifications you have made to the code, so I'm not sure how much help I can give.

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: Thumnails cutting off (only when less than column num)...

Hey Felix,

Thanks for your reply!

I'm a bit worried about upgrading after all the customization.  Where in 1.7 is the code bit that says something like...

If there are less than "column number"...


Thanks again,