Topic: Thumbnail and .xml issues

I just discovered that there are two ways in which a gallery .xml file gets regenerated, each with very different results:

Method 1:

a. In edit post/page, click the "Add Media" button
b. Click the "Gallery" tab for your existing gallery
c. Click "Save all changes"
d. Click "Update"

Results: The .xml file correctly points to the nice-looking thumbnails (good!), but all whitespace is stripped from the .xml file (bad!).

Method 2:

a. Go to Simpleviewer > Edit Galleries
b. Select "Edit gallery" for the gallery you want to edit
c. Click "Save"

Results: The .xml file is nicely formatted (good!), but no longer points to the thumbnails at all (bad!).  As a result, the resulting web page loads much slower, and the thumbnails look terrible, especially for line art.

Is this a known issue?  Is there a way to get Method 2 to point to the correct thumbnail files automatically?  I'd prefer to have a nicely formatted .xml file, but not at the expense of having to manually add the thumbnail data.

Re: Thumbnail and .xml issues

Thank you for reporting. I will contact the developers regarding these issues.
After completing your Method 2, 'Update' the post and the thumbURLs should, once again, point to the correct files.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team