Topic: How could I dynamically load Flickr Sets?

I am looking for a way to dynamically load Flickr Sets from a WP template, without having to require an XML file for each gallery. Is there way to specify the FlickrSetID either through shortcodes or Flashvars?

I tried this:

$shortcode= "[simpleviewer gallery_id = 'slideshow_default' useFlickr='true' flickrSetId='$flickrSetId' ]";
echo "flickrset: ".$flickrset;
echo do_shortcode($shortcode);

...It loaded the parameters correctly from the slideshow_default.xml file, but it ignored the flickrSetId in the shortcode, and loaded random images from Flickr instead.

It would be great if future version could include:

1. Closer Flickr integration, so users could select a FlickrSet from within the Wordpress UI
2. Templates for gallery styles, so Advanced options don't have to be re-entered each time

Re: How could I dynamically load Flickr Sets?

The flickrSetId can be set as a flashvar (as can all other configuration options): … .html#html
However, it may be difficult to integrate the functionality you require into the WP-SimpleViewer plugin.
Take a look at this post: … 864#p38864
It is an example of a PHP page which has an input field to allow a user to input Flickr tags with the resulting images being displayed in the gallery.
This could be modified to allow the user to input a Flickr set id instead.
You could then embed the gallery into a WordPress post using an <iframe> as documented in #2 here: … l#external
With regard to you suggestions, please post feature requests in this thread so that they are not overlooked. Thank you.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team