Topic: no vertical scroll bar, caption hidden


I'm having problems with lower screen resolution. On 800x600 the caption is hidden when I have 4 or more rows of thumbnails.

I removed the line

overflow-y: hidden

from index.html, as instructed in FAQs, but there is no vertical scroll bar. The only way I can have the scroll appear is to use fixed height, but that takes away the resizing which is so nice. As we all know 540px appears very different on 1600x1200 or 800x600 and anything in between.

This problem goes away if I only use three rows of columns. Even on 800x600 the caption is on level with the bottom of the main image. Is three rows the maximum I should use?


Re: no vertical scroll bar, caption hidden

Whether the captions are truncated will depend on the size and aspect ratio of the image versus the size and aspect ratio of the browser window and the length of your captions. By default the captions are attached to the bottom left of the thumbnail area, and have the same width as the thumbnail area. If the browser is resized very small then the area available for captions becomes very small.

So the answer to your question is - if the layout you have is working with 3 thumbnail rows then use that. Using a fixed layout will give you more control over where the captions appear but as you said, you lose the resizability.

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: no vertical scroll bar, caption hidden

Thanks for the quick reply, Felix!