Topic: "Flickr images not found"

I'm using simpleviewer for wordpress plugin.
I've managed to create already two galerries out of three sets in one of my flickr collecions
Collection address is … 369534909/
Created AND WORKING FINE galleries were made from sets "Maternity" and "Wedding"

I don't know why but I can not create gallery from third set "Baptism"
address: … 119263445/
Error I get is "Flickr images Not Found" which You can find at the bottom of this page:

I create all galleries the same way by giving my username and tag for photos.

Could You please help me with solution.

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Re: "Flickr images not found"

If I go directly to this Flickr page:
... I receive the message: doesn't have anything tagged with baptism.

If you have recently tagged your images, you may need to wait a while for the tags to propagate through Flickr's system in order for the tagged images to show up in a Flickr API search (as performed by SimpleViewer to fetch the images from Flickr's servers).
Please see this Flickr FAQ for details:

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team

Re: "Flickr images not found"

This solved my problem. Thank You very much.