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I want to buy simple viewer pro, but before, i need to know if i can add a link to any image to open another page of my site?

Thank you very much

Re: Add a link to an image

Yes. With SimpleViewer-Pro, you can associate a unique link with each main image so that when the image is clicked, the user is taken to the corresponding web page.
In the gallery's XML file, set imageClickMode="OPEN_URL".
For each image entry within the XML file, use the linkURL and linkTarget to specify the web page and target respectively, eg:

<image imageURL="images/image1.jpg" thumbURL="thumbs/thumb1.jpg" linkURL="" linkTarget="_blank" >

Please see the 'Main Image' section of the SimpleViewer-Pro Config Options page for a description of the imageClickMode Pro Option: … #mainimage

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team

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Re: Add a link to an image

Ok and i can put it directly via svbuilder right? It works into svbuilder. When i am in the customize section i click on one image and it open the url. But when i save my work, the link option doesn't seem to work anymore. Here's my file if you want to see by yourself.

I tried to make a new diaporama and the result is the same. It work within svbuilder but once it is publish the link doesn't work anymore.

Here's the link to my website too so you can see it directly.

Thank you again for helping me! I really apreciate!

Re: Add a link to an image

The gallery within the zip file works fine both offline and online (with the first image having a linkURL associated with it).
However, the online gallery whose link you posted does not have imageClickMode="OPEN_URL" in its XML file, nor does it have any linkURLs that are not simpy the images themselves.
Here is the URL to the XML file that your online gallery currently uses:
Try re-uploading your gallery. If you are in any doubt whether or not the files are being overwritten by your uploading process, try deleting the old gallery from your web server first.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team

Re: Add a link to an image

well, i'm really sorry Steven, i made a mistake! I was sure it wasn't working. I had to upload all again on my server to figure out that maybe my files were not upgrade.

Thank you again for your help, your product is wonderful!