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Topic: Gallery appears very slow in embed

When going to this link of my site http://l-studio.su/sv1/ I have to wait 7-8 seconds before I get the loading screen of the gallery. After being loaded, everything is PERFECT. I mean there's no issues whith speed, thumbs and images are loading ok.

It seams like there are some "delays" or something, when we open the gallery the first time.
The second time it's opening normal, without any delays. If I clear the browser cache, it again opens slow until the second load. and so on...

I'm writing here because of getting several feedbacks of my clients. All of them said, that gallery appearence is very slow.

It's a pity, however, i see in site analytics, that many people couldn't wait till the gallery starts and close the site tab :-(

There's no problem with the images, I think, because when I used SV1 the images were even "heavier", and the loading time was just ОК with out any delays.

I will be very appreciated if someone could help me solve this problem, I'm in mind to change the viewer, if this trouble remain, and it will be very sad, since the Simpleviewer is just great for me...

Best regards,
Pavel S.

Re: Gallery appears very slow in embed

The gallery at http://l-studio.su/sv1/ appears in less than .5 seconds here.

The delays you are getting may be related to a couple of JS files.
This file does not exist: http://l-studio.su/sv1/Scripts/AC_RunActiveContent.js
Also there is a file at //mc.yandex.ru/metrika/watch.js that may be slow.

Try removing these JS files form your HTML page and see if it makes a difference.

Also try running your page with Chrome's Developer Tools to check the speed of all page elements.

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: Gallery appears very slow in embed

Thanks for answering!
Unfortunately, these scripts didn't do any slowing... I tried to delete them - nothing happend.

If i embed just FLASH, the speed is OK, whith out any delays, but it won't support universal play back...

I'll try to use Chrome's Developer Tools, thanks.
I'll write back here the result.

Felix wrote:

The gallery at http://l-studio.su/sv1/ appears in less than .5 seconds here.

5 seconds is long... I remember these things in the dial-up period :(

Re: Gallery appears very slow in embed

I think Felix meant half a second (0.5 seconds) rather than 5 seconds.
Your gallery appeared quickly for me, too. Much less that the 7-8 seconds you reported in your first post.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team