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Topic: Thumbnail/Resize-Issues in Firefox/Opera/Chrome/Safari


a couple of friends noticed that my website works fine in IE 8, but in Firefox/Opera/Chrome/Safari a weird problem occurs: I've built up the gallery with the default thumbnails 3x4. Everything works fine except from the right row. None of these pictures can be clicked. Furthermore, the skip-arrows to show the next thumbnail block on the following page do not work. However, if I switch to full screen mode, everything works perfectly. Another problem is that, if I minimize the browser, none of the thumbnails can be clicked. Any ideas?

URL: http://mauricewrede.de/2d-galerie-charaktere.htm

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Re: Thumbnail/Resize-Issues in Firefox/Opera/Chrome/Safari

Your <div class="xr_ap" id="xr_xri"> is obscuring a large part of the gallery rendering the right-most column of thumbnails inactive.
In your 'xr_main.css' file, change the line:

.xr_ap {position: absolute; border:none;}

... to:

.xr_ap {position: absolute; border:none; z-index: -1;}
Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team

Re: Thumbnail/Resize-Issues in Firefox/Opera/Chrome/Safari

thank you so much!!

everything's fine, now!!