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I have a question I am struggling to find an answer for.

I have my SV linked to flickr - I guess that I am going to have to create a "flickr set" specific to the images I want to include. Does this  have to be a public set? Lets say I have a set named "Portraits" with 200 images in. But I want to do a separate shortlisted SV slideshow for say 20. Will I have to create a separate "set" for the shortlisted 20 images that also appear in the "Portraits" set? By this I mean, If someone went to my flickr site would they see this set containing the 20 images and another set containing those images again along with the other 180? If I make the shortlisted set "not viewable", will it still appear on my website in the SV slideshow?

I think thats clear...


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Flickr images must be public in order for them to be returned in an API search such as that performed by SimpleViewer to fetch the images from Flickr's servers.
Rather than create a separate set of 20 images, you might like to instead use tags.
You could tag the 20 images (within your set of 200) that you wish to display in your SimpleViewer gallery with a keyword and use the flickrTags option to display only those images.
A description of the flickrTags option can be found in the SimpleViewer Standard Config Options page: … tions.html

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team

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oh - you're good!

thanks for the quick response

just found another thread in the forum that was talking about the fact that they have to be public.

I'll have a go with that



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I'm getting there - see it at

On my homepage I have a slideshow with only nav left and right buttons (other slideshows have those options on other pages). Is there a way that the auto play can re-start again? If someone presses a button it seems to stop the slideshow. I could put a button on the page to play the slideshow but I wanted to keep it clean. It would be good to have an option that re-started the slideshow after say 10 seconds (adjustable) if there have been no further clicks.

What do you think?


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The user would have to click a button to restart the slideshow. It cannot be restarted automatically after a timed interval.
You could place the AutoPlay button (Play/Pause) in the middle of your gallery but only visible on hover so that it is both conspicuous yet discreet.
Add the following options to your gallery's XML file:


... and change the following two options in the XML file:

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team