Topic: very strange glitch using the back button with Firefox

Hi all,

I ran across a very strange glitch that occurs only with Firefox (got only version 11 here but most likely occurs also on previous versions).

On a website made with WordPress, I have a page with a simple-viewer pro v2 : … r-viollet/

There you can choose a photo collection like the second one for example which takes you on this page : … r-viollet/

Now if you use the Firefox back button (or the link "< Retour" which means "Back" in French ;) ) you get back to the previous page ( … r-viollet/) but the simple-viewer on this page doesn't react any more to any mouse left click :( ?!?

But if you have another tab opened in Firefox (or do a alt-tab to bring another application then go back to Firefox) then the simple-viewer reacts again to the mouse  left click : it's like it "sees" again the mouse clicks !

This is so weird that any help is welcome because I've got no idea of how to fix this nor where to look, and I don't know what to answer to my client.

Best regards

Re: very strange glitch using the back button with Firefox

Ok this problem has nothing to do with simple viewer : it's a "well-known" glitch with Firefox and SWF when using wmode = transparent ...

the easiest solution is not to deactivate wmode = transparent but to avoid Firefox from caching the SWF viewer and force Firefox to reload the SWF viewer.

best regards