Topic: Flash Player plugin

Hi all,

First of all, let me tell you that I'm lame at using Flash, therefore my question might just seem stupid to you...  :?

I use SimpleViewer to create very basic galleries. Here's my double trouble:

1 - I don't know how to check which version of Flash Player the user has

2 - in case he hasn't got the right version of Flash Player to view the gallery (version 6 required, right?), I don't know how to make him download of the lastest version in an "automatic" way (i.e. without bringing him to an Adobe Webpage and install it himself)...

Could one of you help me with that? Is there any script that you know is working and easy to install?

Please let me know if I'm not clear enough: it all seems to mix up in my head and being French, my English might not be accurate enough to be understood...

Thanks a lot,


Re: Flash Player plugin

SimpleViewer handles flash dection for you. If the user doesn't have the required version (v7) he will be shown a link to go get it.

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.