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The images on my website are showing with very poor quality ( Can I use SimpleViewer Pro to link the galleries rather than inside but outside my website and will they show with better image quality? I like the SimpleViewer gallery as is so I don't need much editing of it.

Thank you!

Re: Existing Website

If using svBuilder-Pro to create your galleries, deselect the 'Resize Images' checkbox in the 'Image Size' control panel (on the 'Images' tab) before adding images to your gallery and svBuilder-Pro will simply copy your original images across to the output gallery folder rather than resizing them first.
You can also edit a gallery's XML file and change the imageURL entries to point to whatever images you like.
You may also like to change the imageSmoothing Pro Option from its default value of 'true' to 'false' which may make your images look a little sharper.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team

Re: Existing Website

Great! Thank you for reply.