Topic: Image or transparent background

I´m brasilian, so sorry my bad english.
I would like to know how to put an image on bkgndOuterColor or bkgndInnerColor, because i want to customize the background of the web page.

Also, if isn´t possible set an image to backround, i would like to know how to put a transparent color, because then I could set the background page with an image and put the tiltView up.

thanks for attention.

Re: Image or transparent background

bkgndOuterColor and bkgndInner color can be set to colors only (not images).
However, the background of a TiltViewer-Pro gallery can be made transparent (in order for a CSS/HTML background to show through) by following the instructions here: … ort/#trans
Please note that this is possible only in TiltViewer-Pro and not TiltViewer-Standard (the free version).

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team