Topic: Really want to add this to my webpage but I'm lost...

I have an existing webpage that was built a little while ago.  Although this type of gallery is exactly what I wanted, I was told nothing like SimpleViewer existed.  So my former developer built a gallery that is a massive pain in the butt to add pictures to because everything has to be done manually, from resizing, creating a thumb, creating the seperate image, making sure it's the right size to display, copying code already written then changing it slightly to display the new picture...   

After searching, I think SimpleViewer is exactly what I want on my page.  So I downloaded it, created my 1st gallery... and this is where I'm stuck.  I think I dropped the code on my page correct, but I don't really know because I'm afraid to FTP any of the files.  BECAUSE, I already have a thumbs folder, an images folder, index folder and so on that my current gallery uses, but it also contains all the other pictures displayed on my webpage like my logo, buttons etc.  I am confused on how I need to create and FTP the new SimpleViewer folders so they don't overwrite anything, but SimpleViewer pulls from the correct folder for the gallery page I'm trying to create.

I think I need someone to look at the current files on my FTP, help me re-arrange/rename/delete or whatever so I don't break what I have, help me implement the code from SimpleViewer, and get me on the path to be able to manage all this myself, which I know I can do.  I run a busy business and I am so paranoid I'll break my current site by moving stuff around and won't have anyone to help me fix it!

If you can help please let me know!


Re: Really want to add this to my webpage but I'm lost...

Take a look at the Using an External Gallery Folder section in the SimpleViewer Embedding Guide.

Essentially, what you would do is:
(1) Create a gallery (perhaps using svBuilder)
(2) Upload the entire gallery folder (not just the contents) to your web server (with no need to move or rename any files). Because the gallery will be self-contained in its own folder, the 'index.html' page and 'thumbs' and 'images' folders within the gallery folder will not interfere with or overwrite similarly-named files and folders that already exist on your web server. Just give the gallery folder a unique name which does not clash with an existing folder on your web server. Also, it does not matter where you upload the gallery folder to, as long as you know where it is.
(3) Insert the baseURL embedding code into your HTML page where you would like your gallery to appear (changing only the path to the 'simpleviewer.js' file and the baseURL itself).

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team

Re: Really want to add this to my webpage but I'm lost...

Thank you!  I think I almost have it figured out, except I can't get the code centered in my existing page - can you look at this and tell me when I'm doing wrong???

Thanks again!!!

Re: Really want to add this to my webpage but I'm lost...

Try changing:

<div id="sv-container"></div>

... to:

<div id="sv-container" style="margin: 0 auto;"></div>

... in your gallery's embedding code.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team