Topic: SimpleViewer does not work on iPad with T-Mobile-Network (Germany)

I got a problem using Simpleviewer Pro 2.3.0 on the iPad (1 to 3) with T-Mobile-Network in Germany. The gallery is not shown. It seems as it does not switch from flash to html. There just a white page being displayed.

On the same device there ist no problem when I use a Wifi or a SIM-Card of e. g. O2 as a different german mobile network.

To make it a little more confusing the gallery is show when I use an iPhone with T-Mobile-Network.

I need help. Any ideas?

Thank you!

Re: SimpleViewer does not work on iPad with T-Mobile-Network (Germany)

It looks like the answer to the original post in this thread is relevant and may be the cause of your problem.
SimpleViewer uses JavaScript and may break if content modification is used.
Please check with your 3G provider to see if they use content modification.
However, this does not explain why your gallery displays OK on your iPhone but not on your iPad using the same 3G network.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team