Topic: Image Drop Shadow

Hi All

Just started playing around with SvBuilder-Pro, and despite ticking the Image Drop shadow under Main Image, I am not seeing one. Any suggestions.

many thanks

Re: Image Drop Shadow

The default drop shadow is rather subtle and is barely visible against the default background color of #222222.
Try changing the background color of your gallery to white (#ffffff) in svBuilder's 'Customize -> Embed Options' section and you should see the difference in the live preview window when you select and deselect the Image Drop Shadow checkbox.
The strength of the drop shadow can be increased via the dropShadowStrength option (in svBuilder-Pro's 'Customize -> General' section).

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team

Re: Image Drop Shadow

Thanks Steven

I found that the dropShadowStrength was set to 0. I had been changing the drop shadow settings under the Main Image and Thumbnails sections, but had missed the overall setting at the bottom of the General section.