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I'm running into a problem with SimpleViewer and CS2. I generate my gallery, and the finished product is view-able on my browser. But, when I upload it to my web hosting server, the gallery doesn't load.

I called tech support at my web hosting company, and he said that the Java stuff is all there. A programmer friend looked at my hosting control panel backend, and said that there's nothing in the "div," although everything else seems to be in order.

Any thoughts or tips?

BTW, I generated a gallery using Lightroom 2 and it uploaded and worked perfectly (although I need a "full screen" button).


Re: Photoshop CS2

there's nothing in the "div,"

That's OK. The contents of the <div> (initially nothing) are replaced by the gallery when the page is parsed by the user's browser.

But, when I upload it to my web hosting server, the gallery doesn't load.

What do you see (or not see)? Do you see just a blank space where the gallery should be? D you see crosses where images should be? Is an error message displayed? If so, what does it say?
Take a look at these FAQs which seem to describe the scenario you are experiencing. They may help you diagnose the problem and offer a solution:
My images show locally, but not when I upload them to my webserver. Why?
When I view my gallery online, I see a blank area. Why?
Being that your gallery is being created automatically by a plugin (and is manually), there is very little chance that filenames or paths are incorrect. Check that you have uploaded all your gallery files to your webserver and ensure that your web host does not have hotlink protection enabled on your account (see first FAQ above).
If you continue to experience difficulties, please post the URL to your gallery so that I can take a look and help further.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team