Topic: Wordpress post and simpleviewer customization

I am using wordpress 3.3.1 with Nextgen Flashviewer 1.3 plugin upgraded with simpleviewer Pro version.
I customized nextgen-flashviewer/xml/simpleviewer.php with options such as imageScaleMode="SCALE" captionPosition="NONE"...etc...
To my uderstanding, this would generate on the fly a gallery.xml which is going to setup the viewer.
As a consequence, this impacts all simpleviewer galleries I insert in posts.
Is there a way to define such option values in a post specific way, so that I can choose for each simpleviewer gallery I insert a specific display option list. For example : [simpleviewer id="5" width="100%" captionPosition="NONE"].
It seems this syntax does not work...but that would be really flexible.
Is there a way to achieve this?


Re: Wordpress post and simpleviewer customization

You could use WP-SimpleViewer, the dedicated SimpleViewer plugin for WordPress. It has Standard Options configurable via its interface and has a Pro Options text area for you to enter pro options into.
Each gallery can be configured independently of one another from within the WordPress Dashboard (with no need to manually edit any files).

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team

Re: Wordpress post and simpleviewer customization

Ok, thanks for your reply.
It is working if I activate WP-SimpleViewer plugin and deactivate NextGen Flashviewer plugin.
However, I liked the centralized management of all galleries through Nextgen Gallery and found it more convenient  :).
But hey, that will do it for now! Thanks