Topic: Both Arrows and Url link?

Can I make it so that an image links to a URL AND still has the arrows left and right?

Re: Both Arrows and Url link?

The imageClickMode Pro Option can be set to NAVIGATE, OPEN_URL or NONE.
If set to OPEN_URL, the entire image acts as a link (to the specified linkURL) and the main image navigation arrows are disabled.
It is not possible to have the main image navigation arrows displayed when imageClickMode is set to OPEN_URL.

Two possible alternatives would be to:
(1) Set imageClickMode="NAVIGATE" and put your links in your image captions using HTML formatting as documented here.
... or:
(2) Set imageClickMode="OPEN_URL" and use the SimpleViewer-Pro API to include your own 'Previous' and 'Next' buttons (whether text or images) on your web page. You would make the buttons act like the gallery's own main image navigation arrows by using the showPreviousImage() and showNextImage() methods.
There is an online example of such functionality in the link in this section.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team