Topic: Background Color

I really need to change the color black of the background its appear at the gallery and I already did change the colors on

fo.addVariable("bkgndInnerColor", "0xFFFFFF");
fo.addVariable("bkgndOuterColor", "0xFFFFFF");

for the color code I need ("eae8d9"), but still shows in black, what I have to do??

Please help!!!! Thank you!

Re: Background Color

Have you removed the leading // from the lines of code (which tell the browser that the lines are comments and not code which should be parsed)?

//fo.addVariable("bkgndInnerColor", "0xFF00FF");
//fo.addVariable("bkgndOuterColor", "0x0000FF");    

... to:

fo.addVariable("bkgndInnerColor", "0xeae8d9");
fo.addVariable("bkgndOuterColor", "0xeae8d9");        

Clear your browser's cache after making the change and before reloading the gallery.
If you continue to experience difficulties, please post the URL to your gallery so that I can take a look.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team

Re: Background Color

Hi Steven, thank you very very much! It works, I was omited he "Ox" before the code of the color....

I have another very important question:

How can I add more than one TiltViewer in the same website?
Im designing a site for a photographer so I need to add this slide to 4 differents links for the same site.
What I have to do to difference them for images, index, etc??

I will appreciate your answer, thank you so much in advance!!


Re: Background Color

How can I add more than one TiltViewer in the same website?

Follow the embedding instructions here for each gallery.
If you embed multiple galleries on the same web page, ensure that the 'flashobject' variable name is different for each gallery (e.g. use 'fo1' for gallery #1, 'fo2' for gallery #2, etc.) and ensure that each gallery is embedded into a <div> with a unique 'id'.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team