Topic: error: flickr user not found

Hi all, 
I've used the search function to find an answer to my question but haven't been able to find one so am posting a topic in hopes someone can help me out that way.

I've installed the simple viewer plugin for wordpress and that went fine. I can add, edit etc galleries without issues. However, I want to use multiple galleries on seperate pages (so each gallery with different images) and can't seem to get that to work with the wordpress library (as it'll simply toss all images in there). So I opted for the Flickr around and created a some sets with their own tags etc. But whenever I create a gallery and fill in my flickr username, when I load the page it should show up on, it returns with "flickr user not found". I double, triple checked whether my username was correct (it is), whether the images are public (they are) and whether they are tagged properly (they are as well). I'm a flickr Pro user (no clue whether that makes any difference).

Any suggestions why it keeps giving this error?


Re: error: flickr user not found

Please post the URL to one of the galleries which displays the 'Flickr user not found' message so that I can take a look.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team