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Topic: Gallery XML not found on Picasa generated SimpleViewer albums

I am using Picasa addon for SimpleViewer, and have converted approximately half or less of my photo albums (a huge huge job) to SimpleViewer - over the last few months.

Everything was working great until recently - when I get a message when trying to access any SimpleViewer albums that "Gallery XML not found"

My website is www.samsays.com
Here's a link to one of my simpleviewer pages - http://www.samsays.com/Abu%20Simbul.htm

I have uploaded the latest flash attachment for Firefox, which I use.
Is there anything I can do???

It seems to just be my computer (I hope) as I checked my wife's computer and they come up OK.

Thanks for any words of advice - from anyone

Re: Gallery XML not found on Picasa generated SimpleViewer albums

The link to your Abu Simbul gallery does not seem to work (I have tried accessing the page from within your website, too).
However, the Cairo - Street Scenes gallery http://www.samsays.com/SimpleViewer%20S … index.html works fine in browsers on my PC.

If you have recently made any changes to your gallery, try clearing your browsers cache before reloading the gallery.

Otherwise, please see this FAQ regarding the 'Gallery XML Not Found.' message.
When I view my gallery I see the message 'Gallery XML Not Found'. How do I fix this?

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team