Topic: please help with multiple galleries

hi there,

i am creating multipe html docs that access multiple simpleviewer galleries.


index1.html calls for blue gallery

index2.html calls for red gallery

because the gallery.xml, viewer.swf and swobject.js files are within the same directory that contains the respective index.html files, i am not sure how to configure things in order to allow for multiple galleries.

all images are contained in root>images>

all html files and the simpleviewer files are contained in root

would really appreciate any help - i am new to this great product and am having a blast tyring to get it to work. but i have exhausted my skills.



Re: please help with multiple galleries

Ck the docs and the FAQ. Basically, you wll need a directory for each gallery, each having an index, xml, and image folders. That should get you going.
Post back with any problems.


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Re: please help with multiple galleries

Check this example here.

Hope that helps an answer some of your questions.