Topic: Thumbnails not showing in iOS decices !


I have integrated the simpleviewer pro gallery. The gallery was build using svmanager.

It is working beautifully in PC but in iOS ( iphone and ipad ), the thumbnail images are not loading.

The gallery is at … rcial.html

The screenshot of how it appears in iphone is here :

Please advise / help.



Re: Thumbnails not showing in iOS decices !

It looks like the thumbnails to your gallery do not exist in the location that SimpleViewer is looking for them to be in.
According to your gallery's XML file:
... the first thumbnail should be located here:
... but going directly to that URL in a browser results in an error.
Try checking the contents of your 'g1/thumbs/' folder via FTP and, if necessary, try rebuilding your gallery in svManager.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team