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Topic: Gallery size not right

I am using svBuilder Pro and created my gallery with thumbnails, it looks fine when I save it and open it in a browser but when I embedd the xml code in Wordpress WPsimple viewer plug in it it shrinks the size. What is going on? I have tried everything I am not using compact style and have tried gallery width & height at 100% and also to the correct size of largest image. I already have the images resized to correct size. Here is my test gallery http://www.johnnywellsphotography.com/galleries/test/

Re: Gallery size not right

Whatever size you specify for your gallery, SimpleViewer will (by default) reserve space for the thumbnails and then use the remaining space for the main image area, dynamically resizing the main images to fit if necessary (respecting the imageScaleMode used).
If you wish the image area to be of a fixed size, you would need to use a Fixed Layout where you could specify fixed dimensions for the image area via the imageAreaHeight and imageAreaWidth options.

At present, the dimensions of your entire gallery have been set to the same size as one of your images.
The gallery has to accommodate the thumbnails as well as the main image so perhaps simply increasing the dimensions of your gallery would be a suitable solution.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team