Topic: background url: how please?

I dont know how to translate this, tried several path configurations, prefer relative:

Relative or absolute URL to a JPG or SWF to load as the gallery background. Set to "" to disable background image.

Relative paths are relative to the HTML document that embeds SimpleViewer.

to a successful action.  Put what in the "background url" please?

see folder structure, item 1927 is the background i want to use. … 1%20PM.jpg

Re: background url: how please?

If you are viewing your gallery by opening either the 'index.html' file or the 'index1.html' file within your 'galleries' directory, then you could use:


If the page into which you are embedding your gallery is in a different directory, then the relative path will change (though I would need to know the location of the HTML document to know what the relative path would be).

Using the absolute path to your background image would look like this:

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team