Topic: Make download_button URL different to image URL


Sorry for this stupid (or not) question, but i've just started working with sv-pro v2.

Is-it possible to change the download button URL in order to show a MED-res picture in the viewer and offer a HIGH-res picture through the download button ?
If not, are you working on it ?

Thanks a lot for your answer.

Re: Make download_button URL different to image URL

The 'Download Button' will always download the imageURL (the main image displayed in the gallery).
However, the 'Open Image in New Window' button (showOpenButton="TRUE") will open whatever URL is defined in the image's linkURL in a window/tab defined in the corresponding linkTarget (though it will default to opening the imageURL if the linkURL is empty or missing).
An image entry in the XML file would look something like the following:

<image imageURL="images/image.jpg" thumbURL="thumbs/thumb.jpg" linkURL="hi-res/original.jpg" linkTarget="_blank" >

You can then change the rollover tooltip for the 'Open Image' button by using the languageList Pro Option, e.g.:

languageList="Previous,Next,Start AutoPlay,Stop AutoPlay,Play Audio,Pause Audio,Go FullScreen,Exit FullScreen,Open Hi-Res Image in New Window,Download Image,About,AutoPlay ON,AutoPlay OFF"

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team

Re: Make download_button URL different to image URL

thank you for answering so quickly,

i have already find this solution but my regret is that this will show to user a new window and ask him to make a right clic -> "save image as" which is less professionnal than a direct "Save as" menu as the download button.

but thanks a lot again for your answer.