Topic: Simple Viewer Plugin for Iphoto 11

Hello everybody,

I´m using iphoto 11 (Version 9.3.2) and want to export fotos for my website where i use simpleviewer. I already downloaded a simple viewer i photo plug in 1.0 from HAGUS on this website … 95696.html but i can´t find a button in photo that says "export to simpleviewer" or anything like.

What can i do?

Thank you in advance

Re: Simple Viewer Plugin for Iphoto 11

Take a look at this Apple Support Communities forum thread to see if it helps: How to use simpleviewer in iphoto

Alternatively, as the plugin uses an older version of SimpleViewer (which does not support Universal Playback), you might like to create a SimpleViewer gallery with svBuilder (which comes with SimpleViewer-Standard, the free version which can be downloaded from here) and embed it in a web page following the instructions in the SimpleViewer Embedding Guide.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team