Topic: Problem with vertical photos size

Here is my problem :
There are three presentation options for the thumbnails and the navigation arrows below the thumbnails :
- two big arrows  like this <>
- two small arrows like this <>
- two small arrows and page numbers in between, like this : <123456>

It's the third option which I want for my website. The problem is when I choose this option, there is a bug with the display of the main photos, when they are vertical. They are displayed very very big and are cropped... This bug doesn't appear when I choose the 2 other options.

Here is a link to the concerned page of my website which is under construction :

Do you please have a solution for this problem ?

Thank you in advance.


Re: Problem with vertical photos size

Your gallery uses galleryStyle="COMPACT" which crops large images.
Please see this FAQ for details:
Why are my images cropped when using the Compact Gallery Style?

Set the 'Gallery Style' to either 'MODERN' or 'CLASSIC' and enter the following into WP-SimpleViewer's 'Pro Options' text area:

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team