Topic: Thumbnails 100% width

i have a question. Is it possible that the thumbnail navigation has a dynamic width? so that the thumbnails fill the whole width? For example like here: … l/fashion/

Re: Thumbnails 100% width

It is not possible to have scrolling thumbnails like in the gallery you quoted.
However, you could achieve something somewhat similar by using the following settings in your gallery's XML file:

thumbPosition="BOTTOM" -> positions the thumbnails below the main image
thumbRows="1" -> allows for only 1 row of thumbnails
thumbColumns="10" -> this must be specified which is the main difference between SimpleViewer-Pro and the gallery you quoted
thumbPadding="0" -> no gaps between thethumbnails
thumbFrameStyle="NONE" - no border around the thumbnails
showThumbVisited="FALSE" - do not show the visited dog ear icon when an image has been viewed
imagePreloading="NONE" - selected thumbnail will be brighter than all others as only loaded/preloaded thumbnails display full brightness by default

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team