Topic: Gallery Not Showing Up

Hi there.

I've gone through the steps of creating this gallery, now I just need to post it on my site. I've uploaded the gallery folder exactly as is (meaning all the folders are still properly nested), and I've taken the exact code provided and pasted it into the body of my webpage, but nothing's showing up! I don't get it. What could I be doing & how can I fix it? (Please be clear w/ instructions)

Here's a link to the page I'd like it to appear on:

I've written a "coming soon" message on the page as well, but like I said, the gallery code is in there, it's just that it's not showing.



Re: Gallery Not Showing Up

If you have uploaded your complete gallery folder and not just its contents, then you should use the baseURL method of embedding as documented here.

Otherwise, you should upload the contents of your gallery folder (not the gallery folder itself) to the same directory as the HTML page into which you have inserted the embedding code (which, in your case, is the root directory of your web space).

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team

Re: Gallery Not Showing Up

Got it!