Topic: CDATA do not work!

I try <![CDATA[ but I see no text in the pictures. (IE and FF)

This make the xml: … 18-CLASSIC

If I delete the rule that make the CDATA in gallery5.php then works it normal. … 18-CLASSIC "without CDATA"


Without CDATA  (old version): … ew=CLASSIC

Re: CDATA do not work!

Your PHP file is escaping the < and > characters within your captions to &lt; and &gt; respectively.
For example, the first caption in your XML file looks like this:

<caption>&lt;![CDATA[Aankomst in Saigon&lt;br&gt;Bestelnummer :&lt;b&gt;VN0003&lt;/b&gt;]]&gt;</caption>

.. whereas it should look like this:

<caption><![CDATA[Aankomst in Saigon&lt;br&gt;Bestelnummer :<b>VN0003</b>]]></caption>

Make sure that your PHP file does not escape these XML entities within your captions and your gallery should work fine.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team