Topic: Link to SV Gallery

Hi Guys!

I would like to link separate thumbnail images to their relevant simple viewer galleries. I have on mouseover script for each thumbnail as follows:

<img src=""  style="opacity:0.4;filter:alpha(opacity=40)"
onmouseout=";this.filters.alpha.opacity=40" />

And with that, I would like to link the relevant simple viewer gallery. 

The webpage I am working on is here:

And the relevant gallery for the first image is here:

I have tried the following:

<a href="><img src=""  style="opacity:0.4;filter:alpha(opacity=40)"
onmouseout=";this.filters.alpha.opacity=40" /></a>

But it throws up a 404 page.

Does anyone know what I'm doing wrong??

Many thanks!!

Re: Link to SV Gallery

You have not closed the " for the 'href' attribute in your <a> tag.

<a href=">

... to:

<a href="">

Also, some of the double quotes in the links on your page have been escaped to &ldquo; and &rdquo;.
Make sure that whatever program you are using to construct your web page does not escape the double quote character.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team

Re: Link to SV Gallery

Many thanks Stephen! It is all working fine....for now!