Topic: Revising Saved Galleries

Hello,  I am new to SV, and I've searched the archives for an answer, no can do, so here is the question.

How do I recall a saved Gallery to revise it?  I save it to the sv folder location where it saves all the folders.

Of all the saved information, html, css, js, xml, and whatever else... There is NOTHING to open.

Has anyone saved and reopened a gallery for revision???

Thanks so much

Re: Revising Saved Galleries

When opening an existing gallery in svBuilder, you should navigate towards and highlight/select the gallery folder itself (not a file within the gallery folder) before clicking 'OK' in the 'Browse For Folder' pop-up window. Each gallery folder must contain an XML file named 'gallery.xml' in order for svBuilder to successfully open the gallery.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team

Re: Revising Saved Galleries

Steven Speirs you rock my world.

THANK YOU!  It worked just like it was supposed to.