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Hi there,

I am new to the wordpress, looking for the flickr plugin which will display photos from flickr in gallery and will get refreshed after every 6 seconds i.e. some new photos will be displayed.

Any help will be appreciated. Thanx in advance


Re: Flickr plugin

The WP-SimpleViewer plugin for WordPress will allow you to create a SimpleViewer image gallery sourced by Flickr images.
It can be downloaded from this web page which also includes instructions for installation and usage.
The images are fetched from Flickr's servers each time the gallery is viewed so once the gallery has been created, there is no need to update it when you add new images to your Flickr account.
The plugin does not have the ability to reload the gallery after a certain amount of time. You would have to reload the web page into which the gallery is embedded. If you wanted this to happen automatically, you could add a <meta> 'refresh' tag to the <head> section of your WordPress theme such as:

<meta http-equiv='refresh' content='6'>
Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team

Re: Flickr plugin

Thanks Steven, thanks for the reply. Let me see some other  plugin which will do the reloading gallery task.